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Originally Posted by ATC Watcher View Post
Could be, there are lots of photos of her on Internet, some in a Caravan cockpit, with a small hand held Garmin AERA500 strapped on of top of the glareshield. But not sure how old the photos are and if it was the one in question though.
Looks like the preliminary report will be out soon, whether it says a lot remains to be seen , but at least the facts will be public.
Is it really possible that a flight is dependent on a couple of AA batteries?

But I don't quite understand the comments along the lines 'IFR is of little use in Kenya because there are no reliable navaids'. In my (marine) world there have been no ground-based radio navaids for a decade or more. But we navigate 'blind' perfectly well by several techniques - notably (redundant) GPS-driven plotters, depth (your altitude) and radar. Surely IFR means the ability to fly in zero visibility using instruments to aviate and navigate, but these days why (in mid flight) would that depend on ground-based navaids ?
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