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Originally Posted by Black Crow View Post
Working in Asia is not anything like working for a western carrier.

First of all, you are an Ex-Pat, so you will be treated as a second class citizen. Be prepared to be discriminated against, and in Asian culture they don't even attempt to hide the discrimination.

Training is typical asian mentality, which is punitive. Their philosophy is that if you are punished, you will learn. Training is a very negative experience. Be prepared to be belittled, yelled at and constantly threatened.

Check rides and any sim session, as well as line flights in which a management, check pilot or Instructor is on board is a pass/fail check flight which can end your job immediately.

Management including the Chief Pilot, Check Pilots and Instructors are to be treated as Gods walking the earth, and they will expect it. Get on the bad side of any of these types and expect your QOL to deteriorate quickly.

You don't bid schedules, you have a roster, which is to say your flying is assigned. Be prepared for schedules which are brutal by western standards.

Visiting Asia on vacation and actually living and working there are two different things.

My advise is to get a good job with a US major and enjoy your travel privileges and go there often, as a tourist.
I'm a Licensed Engineer who worked in both Malaysia and Hong Kong. I agree with most of what you said. It's a strange paradox where they idolise 'white' westerners, but also have an inferiority complex or jealously towards us, hence the animosity. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working in Asia, I'm thinking Singapore is probably the most western friendly place in that part of the world. We all have different experiences, for example being Irish, I find Brits friendly outside the UK. However in the UK they are generally cold and miserable, but thats the way society is structured in England, to have everyone constantly in conflict.
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