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Originally Posted by Lonewolf_50 View Post
Hmm, still not cancelled.
Now, F-35's delivered to the UK. If we do a modest review of the history, we will note whence the majority of the complaining posters are from since about post 1 of this thread. (My "ya gotta be kiddin' me" response in re the two years to sort out the tail hook pales in comparison to the other noise still being heard ... )

So, ladies and gentlemen, now that it is not only not cancelled, but delivered (albeit late and at a price to make one's eyes bug out) might I ask one of you to start a new thread?
Something like
"F-35: now what?"
"F-35: Pissing and Moaning because we can"
"F-35: What won't they think of next?"
"F-35: What software version are we on now?"
"F-35: Why do the Israelis get to drop bombs with them and all we get is another IOC forecast?"

or something like that.
Cancelled is, as shown by current events, now utterly overcome by events.
Certainly not going to be cancelled but totally unloved...................
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