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Missing peeps

Bluey, you are so right! I well remember confusing the gender of a certain Australian lady and being severely castigated by the assembled throng. It was those sort of little things that people picked up on and managed to generate many, many pages of gibberish!

To keep things boring and pointless, I became a grand-dad a few weeks ago. Amazing! I'm surprised to have made it thus far and delighted that the Fair line lives on . . . .

Anyone seen Angels lately? I'm thinking of revisiting the trees that were planted in rememberance of Gainsey. Now there is a name to conjure with!! Wholi, Jude, Baron and I were at his funeral. Opening hymn/number from the organist? "The Great Escape" You can imagine our faces. A few beers were had and then a few more. We also had a few more after that.

Pip Pip!!
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