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Revise, verbal reasoning and mental maths. Pen and paper stuff. Estimation, areas etc that kind of stuff. Fractions, percentages, long and short division and multiplication.

group excersise, just be yourself. Don’t sit there and say nothing and don’t take the ball and run with it yourself. In my group I was forced into the later because everyone just looked at each other and we would still be sitting there now unless I had got things moving. If needs be get it going but start distributing tasks to involve others and towards the end if needs be pull everyone together to come up with an answer between you but resist telling them what the answer is.

sim: you can’t prepare for it really. You can fly a 747 perfectly and still won’t get in if your CRM is not what they want. Again if everyone played the game I would still be in the sim answering a question with a question and making no real progress. Just make an effort to include your colleague, ask them for another option and if you can get a TDODAR in there a PPP and a bottom line for your decision then you will be pretty much ok. BA is very different from the airlines I was at before so it can feel pretty alien. It’s more of a “I know what I expect to do and how I am going to do it but I need to check that you know what we are going to do and how we are going to do it” that way we are both working to the same plan. Other airlines were far more “this is what I will do, got it?”

Hope that makes sense
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