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The little fat one will see it as a coup, he has had the US president fly to see him on his "patch" even though in a supposed neutral country it is still his "patch" in distances covered.

Personally I think with sanctions biting and thus revenues to the Country significantly impacted upon, Kim was on a back foot and worried for his own neck from his higher echelons who he is struggling to keep in the lifestyle they have become accustomed too as his countries revenues have been depleted by his nuclear aims, top that off with the fragile state of his nuclear test facilities mountain and its potential to collapse leaking radiation into the atmosphere, the offer to destroy the facility may simply be a ruse to show willingness, while destroying a facility no longer viable, that and if the press is believed he has the weapon developed sufficiently that it is no longer required.

I also think Trump is a fool, the reason the US maintains troops and practice with the south and contribute to NATO is nothing to do with cost, but to maintain a balance and also a buffer to prevent the opposition knocking on the door of the good old USA.
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