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Originally Posted by Stan Woolley View Post
Has such an event ever happened with a loaded aircraft with the crew in the flight deck?

Secondly I was surprised to hear that there was nobody on board. I thought that there had to be someone to set and release the brakes, how does the tug driver get it on and off?
As Tom kindly explained, some 'busses have a toggle switch on the NLG to set/release brakes. On other types, or where the system is installed but not used, the driver will connect the tractor (usually, if not exclusively, a TBL type) and set its brakes. Then he'll enter the aircraft, release parking brakes, exit aircraft whilst closing the door and remove the jetty/stairs. Opposite procedure when towing has been completed. This is, at some airports, performed as a single-man operation - both push-back and towing.
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