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Originally Posted by Stan Woolley View Post
Has such an event ever happened with a loaded aircraft with the crew in the flight deck?

Secondly I was surprised to hear that there was nobody on board. I thought that there had to be someone to set and release the brakes, how does the tug driver get it on and off?

Certainly with some Airbuses there is a connection point on the Nose Leg that can give the tug driver control of the aircraft brakes as they are electrically controlled, hydraulically actuated system, so with power connected from the tug, the appropriate control system in the tug and sufficient accumulator pressure, the brakes can be released/set. Can't remember full details of the system (just the basics from my various Airbus type courses) as never used, or seen the system used anywhere but appears LH tugs may use the system. All my experience is based around tug driver/headset operator/brake rider operations both towbar and towbarless tugs.

In reply to your PM as well Stan.
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