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Originally Posted by UB6IB9 View Post
Any new FOs with 3+ little children care to share their opinions on EK and DXB? Schedules? Schools? Is it nearly impossible to save anything?

PMs also welcome.

Above are Sample links where you can check Dubai prices, in terms of groceries.
And If you're planning to buy a car, that will probably cost around extra Aed 1,000 to 4,000 dirhams per month for 3 to 4 years installment plan(depends on how luxurious the car you are getting).

School extra curricular activites and field trips are extra.
Socialization, Dining and drinking-out are common( house bbq and drinking at home becomes boring after some time).
You and your wife will probably look for some hobby that you feel like doing for a long time. Golf, Sailing, other sports etc.

To be in Dubai is like migrating to a new country, setting up the accommodation as your very own. Setting up a garden, a gazebo, or even a Jacuzzi in your backyard. Painting the bedrooms and buying all the decors as you and your wife likes. Buying a boat, a desert buggy, a motorbike, A huge BBQ grill, A new Christmas Tree or even those Halloween customes for the kids Trick or treats.
So, you see going to dubai isn't just going there for the Job. Specially if you are moving with the Family. The move can be expensive specially during the first few years.
So going back to your question if you can save? I think you can but it all depends how you spend and how much savings you're looking at. For sure, not so much.

I left EK Jan 2018 after 12 years of service., and those were the times with no excise taxes and 5 % VAT exist.
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