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Italian ATC:

- Coordination in progress(piss off, do not want to give you any "service" at all)

- Unable to approve(see above....)

- unable to give higher cruise level - your Flightplan says FLxxx (see above, lol). Very trendy with Brindisi at the moment even with no traffic around at all. Like a bloody automatically filed Lido FPL really is considering actual FL requirements.

- for this request contact next sector(Roma,Milano, Padua, .....brrrr Brindisi) (which means exactly the same as all above)

- unable to change routing as you are close to contact Zagreb(because the idiotic Lido was filing a FPL from Bergamo to Bari VIA Zagreb airspace(shake head in resignation) and any attempt to organize a much much much shorter routing with Padua(for 20 minutes) fails on the unability of Padua and Brindisi to organize that request which was put forward on EVERY frequency change. Yep - Italian ATC. Part of the Bermuda triangle of ATC (together with France and Spain) here in Europe. Ali and Italian ATC team up very well.

If you hear above phrases the 100th times it stops to be funny.

Ahhhh, and I forgot the "magic" "Franco" on 121.500 ..... Italian speciality and I am quiet sure some boy captains of a famous low cost throw that one out all the time. So bad that sometimes you have to shut down 121,5 (against sop) as this morons interfere with parallel ATC calls more then once.
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