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Originally Posted by The Dodo View Post
I'm also going onto the 787, as of August. Does anyone have an indication of what an FO would take in variable pay? and how that works out after taxes (I'm lead to believe a part of a part is tax-free). I'm completely lost by the breakdown of hour multiplications etc. and without a roster, have no info to base it off.

Thanks in advance
FDA is just over 4/hr inc. 75p/hr tax free (at the moment) which like most companies is any time you're away from base. Duty Rig is a bit of a mine field however mastered by some of the more savvy boys and girls on the line - they would be able to explain it much better than I! You collect credits which are each converted into cash. Just over 10/hr for each credit for an FO.It varies based on the duty but flying hours it's generally one credit per hour. Cat C airports generate two per hour (won't affect your fleet) while unsociable hours (inbound from Caribbean, outbound going east) generate 1.8 per flight hour.

For example:

01/01 - MAN-BGI 08:30 gate to gate = 8.5 credits
02/01 - BGI-LGW 08:00 gate to gate = 4 duty credits in sociable hours, 4 duty credits earned in unsocial hours = 4 + 7.2 = 11.2 credits

So on that trip you would earn 19.7 credits. As an FO that's roughly 200 from a bullet (plus 4/hr FDA). You also receive credits for standbys, sims, home study etc. There's other formulas also to protect you on a long trip. It's all far too complicated in my opinion but it can be very profitable when compared to many other UK airline systems.

As a new FO on the 78 you could do four bullets a month (at the VERY most), but most people do around three trips with beach/positioning days down route. Dependent on your UK base in the summer there maybe short haul also. The credit system/FDA work exactly the same as it does with long haul.

Hope this helps!
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