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For selfish reasons Amman would be great. For non-selfish reasons Royal Jordanian could make sense for a One-World option to much of Saudi Arabia and the GCC now that Qatar is persona non gratis in much of the region. Amman is decent little airport and Jordan a terrific country. Very pleasant place to transfer.
And completely anecdotally but the last few times I went to Amman from Manchester (TK and BA) there were a lot from the Manchester flight on the Amman flight from both LHR and IST.

Sri Lanka is certainly a popular holiday spot, as others have said so is Vietnam. TUI or Thomas Cook could well be in with a shout there.

Lebanon I wouldn't expect soon with the growing instability there.

Bangladesh has been rumoured before with BBC about to get some Dreamliners.

Iran is, IMO, very unlikely with sanctions likely to resume soon.

Kenya, again selfishly, would be absolutely perfect.

I would think another China route is in the pipeline.

I've heard Cairo is coming back in various places.

Nigeria - who would operate? Virgin? I would think they would shoot for Johannesburg or Delhi before they went for Lagos.
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