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Originally Posted by Groundloop View Post
You clearly stated "there IS demand" - for which you have now admitted you have no evidence. If you were just making conversation perhaps you should have worded it as "there COULD be demand". Call me old-fashioned (well, actually, I am old fashioned) but there is too much these days of opinions being presented as fact - particularly on-line.
May I ask with humble respect but are you an expert on demand on the Doncaster area?.
Do you live around there , speak t time talking to locals ?.
Only I know own I have , and many destinations are in demand as some I think but an not sure are or were served .
The point is when served They were very well used , considering poor timings .
Doncaster has had airlines in but does not seem to be able to get together a schedule, that would create ' official ' demand .
But I can swear on the Bible , I've spoken to many before I had to give up work , often working in offices all around the Airport .
It's a favourite local topic, " I wish I could fly to here or there " .
And I've had people complain about anywhere from Athens to Sydney .
The latter I explained is virtually a never category . ( In my humble opinion ).
But the fact is if there was no demand there would not be an airport .
So nitpicking the OP on his choice of exact words , when this is supposed to be a friendly forum , a mix of expert and enthusiast alike , then, the odd slip of the tounge so to speak is just that .
I just feel people get jumped on for suggesting anything on here .
The best case in point was the veciferious flaming of people who would say that one day Flybe , would base an aircraft or two .
It was met with ridicule and posts like this.
I never noted posts apologising when Flybe did just that!.
Budapest is often asked for , Doncaster and region has a strong Hungarian population.
As for the med , I find it odd that there is no demand for more med flights especially through the winter.
Ps I mean no offense , just seems unfair to nitpick someone taking the time to post their opinion , fact or no fact .
Perhaps now as your an expert you can list exactly what routes are in demand and back it up with figures please ?
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