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Originally Posted by dr dre View Post
Why is it QF who are being attacked on this site when the reality is most governments (including Australia’s) and most other airlines and companies who trade with China have the exact same policy? Is it just an excuse for more QF bashing for any reason that exists throughout this forum?

Precisely Dr Dre... I see no one branding Virgin as gutless and feckless and JB as a f-wit yet VA NEVER had Taiwan as separate to China on it's website and completely side-stepped the issue... but of course, that doesn't make them or him gutless because they don't have a kangaroo on the tail of their aircraft. One-sided and convenient... given a choice between working for a profitable company and working for one that hasn't made a profit for 7 years and only survives by borrowing money from it's investors, I'll take the profitable one that modifies its China references to be in line with the UN and most of the world's nation States.

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