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Originally Posted by NickyG View Post
ASP - I recently received an invitation to attend ASP (mid March) assuming I'll be one of the first. I'm seeking any assistance on how to prepare/what to expect as info in the letter was limited. I've applied for JBAC and already been recommended by OSB but still waiting for offer.
I know this is a pilots thread but since the testing is now combined across all OA roles I'm hoping to get some links to practice assessment likely to be included. Can anyone point me in the right direction for Aviation cognitive tests online?
The letter stated that the assessment component is all computer based consisting of aptitude testing using the Military Aviation Cognitive Testing System (MACTS).
It reads as if the test will be exactly the same regardless of the role applied for and I'm wary my flying aptitude is limited.
Thanks in advance for the assistance and I'm happy to contribute a brief if the ASP once completed.
Hi NickyG,

How are you going with your JBAC application?
I also have applied for ATC and I have my Assessment Day this month.

Feel free to message me as I tried to message you but it wouldn't let me.

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