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And a legitimate tactic to use in bargaining, this however to be balanced against the legitimate concerns of the consortium who propose buying the F-35 which has to be also taken into consideration.

Britain has doubts about servicing it’s F-35’s outside UK ie in Turkey. Israel will certainly have concerns with Turkish F-35’s as their relationship with Turkey has had its ups and downs, though they have quite sensibly obtained rights to distance/isolate themselves to a degree from parts of the program.

Turkey’s actions as a NATO ally have in the past raised concerns with NATO, their recent purchase of the Russian missile system unprecedented in the NATO partnership quite apart from their differences with the US.

There would be many who feel that the need to sell to Turkey has been in doubt for a while and that it should be stopped. It has been an ‘interesting' development that is quite rapidly approaching crunch time.

Which way it will go is anyone’s guess as it has been a very fluid situation with regard to Erdogan and whether his own people will put up with his particular dreams of power, national alliances, and, shaping of the thinking and policies of the Turkish Military which has been so drastically culled of any Western leaning command structure.
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