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Originally Posted by Johnnyjd91 View Post
Hi Chilly, did you hear a number of how many applicants there were? Or guessing by the amount of interest on here?

Also the job I am in now (non aviation) used cut-e and as far as I remember the successful ones are all told first and then the unsuccessfuls are told about 2 weeks after because of dropouts etc no one is ruled out completely.

There was however up to about six weeks between stages. I don't know if the same will apply for this campaign?
Not chilly, but as far as your second point and for everyone else in this thread.

I'd say based on previous years and the way the dates for everything have been set out this year to not expect to hear anything for 3-5 weeks minimum. Last year was just over 3 weeks but had no video interview portion and likely not as many applicants either (deadline wasn't extended due to website crashes afaik). This time frame gives roughly a month between doing the tests and getting invites, then another month to the earliest interview dates.

Doubt there will be any indication as to how everyone did in the second stage either as getting the invite will be based on your performance there as well as the strength of your CV and covering letter. And they wont do the whole invite extra people in case of dropouts due to any re-invited candidates having only a couple of weeks at best to prepare and make travel arrangements for the interview. So everyone should expect results within a couple of days of each other.

Best advice for everyone now is just keep yourselves distracted and have email alerts on this thread so when others pop up saying they have their emails you know its time.
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