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A "little bird" tells me that CASA wants to divide "private flying " from all other flying, with a very limited definition of "private flying" , being limited to something like 1500 kg, four place. Whether night of IFR being included is apparently a matter of contention. This would all be run by RAOz, including flying training. Operations in "controlled airspace" ??

"Everything else" would be conducted on an "AOC" ?? In part, this was seen as the answer to the problems of CAR 206.

Would this mean an Australian Private Pilot Certificate (not license) would not be valid outside Australia ---- this bit would be right back to the 1950s, when the individual permission of the Director General of the Department of Civil Aviation was required for most (not just PPL) Australian pilots to fly outside Australia, unless employed by an airline with an international airline license. Likewise flying a VH- aircraft outside Australia, I have probably still got my original copy of the then current ANRs, with that provision.

This is another example of how hard it is to kill a bad idea once it is touted around the Glass Castle.

Back in early 2000s, there was a proposal to limit "private flying" to "recreational use only" of an aircraft, with occupants limited to the "owner" and his (apparently a female owner of an aircraft was too hard for CASA to contemplate) immediate family.

Everything else, or any aircraft that attracted any tax deduction (what has that got to with "air safety") would be subject to operations on a range of new fangled AOCs.

This latest nonsense takes us even further away from any kind of international harmonisation. or ICAO compliance.

But it would stop pesky Australians having a flying holiday in US, then coming back and telling everybody how great, simple, straightforward good fun it all was, staring with the aviation friendly FAA.

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