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Originally Posted by glofish View Post

The argument that calling in sick, as pointed out here, is not fair because you put strain on a colleague is bullocks. You call in sick because you are not fit for flight, basta. If someone else is called out, it is his assessment if he's fit or not, not yours!
I presume all on here agree, that calling in sick, for the sake of not rested enough or fatigued, on the outbound leg should not happen. Normally we get enough rest before. What is propagated, is not to refrain from calling in fatigued or not rested enough when you feel like that down the route. This is unsafe and contradicts the OMA. The new proposed rules will very rapidly and very regularly put you in exactly this position. On a normal day we all might go for such FTLs, but on too many occasions there are parameters that go against a normal day and lead to more fatigue and exhaustion.
Now that is the exact scenario where we say "grow balls" and call in sick. You are basically obliged to do so, in the name of safety! Yours and the one of our crew and customers. You will have ammunition for your sick/fatigued report. Use them, point them out on your report and get more rest.
This is a legal and efficient way to fight this outrageous breach of safety precaution by the company. It is also almost the only way the company and the eunuchs at the regulators will listen.
You make very good points Gloyee..except one. i don't believe on the rosters you fly you can ever be properly rested (even if you take leave the rest of the month is compressed). The problem is you dont realise just how tired you actually are...the state you live in becomes the "new normal". And it is not until you leave and stop flying the ridiculous hours and rosters you actually work out how tired you really were. So I truley believe.that crews, even departing DXB are never properly rested. And this crazy new 3 man crewing idea will only make the whole thing worse.
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