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Originally Posted by in freedom View Post
You will have every right to be fatigued at the outstation because these trips will be coupled with a scheduling violation of:

OM-A 7.2.c, the avoidance of the scheduling rest periods of between 18 and 30 hours especially after long flights crossing many time zones. 

It is impossible to properly sleep twice on a 24 hour layover, which is exactly what's needed: a proper sleep after and a proper sleep before these cruel duties.
In Freedom. Your right but it depends on the trip. The history of 18-30 hours rest periods and their avoidance was UK Charter carriers flying 757's to Orlando on day / night rotations.
Those were the days of waking up in America and watching Mickey Mouse and Gospel channels in the middle of the night. However for some other trips e.g. night / day and 18-30 hours you do get two sleep opportunities and the ability to recover in the companies time rather than at home. This does however requires crews to stay on local time a big ask depending on the trip / hotel / noise etc. There is some science to support this also.

The biggest problem crews face is they are faced with multiple trips of differing nature with each needing specific sleep plans. If EK wanted to do it properly they would do data gathering as well as listen to the crews. This is FRM at its best.
Judging by the amount of feedback on this topic I suspect this may not be the case.
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