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Glad-rag. I am aware that the GAF subsequently procured buddy-refuelling for the Tornado, and the Eurofighter. A lot of water under the bridge since the MRCA was designed. And it was a tongue in check comment - along the lines of NATO being designed to keep the Russians out, the Americans in... and the Germans down...

The Israelis are reportedly developing stealth conformal tanks for their F-35As - reportedly. There has been no mention of a F-35 buddy pack as far as I am aware. It would, of course, total ruin the stealth profile and give away both aircraft, the price of the F-35 also makes using one for the role somewhat expensive. That does not mean that they could not be accompanied by another tactical tanker, the GAF could use a Eurofighter in the same way as the USN will continue to use the F-18 until the MQ-25 arrives in the fleet. Assuming, that is, they funded the fitting of a probe to the F-35A or bought the F-35C.....

Interesting that stealth is not a requirement for the MQ-25, the requirement being to carry the same Chobham refuelling pod as on the F-18 for commonality.

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