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Lekke - I'm glad someone got it!

Cloud Bunny - Why that name? Anyhow, good to hear that VS is up and coming.

Dusty - The HA is paying off a mortgage that will trounce the Provident Fund when I leave. I wasn't looking for it but was offered it (and after it was withdrawn!) so I took it and fingers crossed, the plan will come to fruition. It's odd that long termers don't take it. I hear the term 'quick exit', but there is no quick exit here. Max limits? Averaging 78 a month, LHS 380. What's your monthly average? Which fleet?

springbok449 - No issues and thanks for your grace. Glad things are going well back home and again thanks for the NET pay update. If what you say is true then my old Pals are fibbing to me, most probably in order to avoid getting a round in. There can be no other explanation..!! What fleet are you on? Shoot me a PM and if you cross paths with said gang you can have a good laugh at my expense. All the best to you :-)
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