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I just finished 4 years withVNA.
Unfortunalty They have gotten worse every year I have been here.
You make the mistake of going with Parc. Your contract is worth nothing.
7 paid sick days in 6 months says the contract. But company changed FOM
so your schedule if screwed for rest of month after calling in sick and you have to work extra day to repay company.
how is that a paid sick day? Basically the company does what ever they want and Parc
Rolls over immediately. There are No Regs Here at all. If You go over Your allowed Captains discretion
Vice President calls and all of a sudden You are magically legal to fly till u drop. I have been coerced into doing 19 hour 6 sector all nite
duty!!!! And forget about any travel benfits. U only get ( more expensive then real ticket online) standby tickets
only where company operates. No sky team. No code shar, no zed far. No interline.
because of the contract you will work 100 hours month-No over time, because that's 160 hours
in 2 calendar months. With 6/2 schedule you will fly 159.9 hours in 6 weeks. You will have God awful
all night china turn arounds 3 -4 times per month. You will never ever get more then 7 days off in a month.
and they have no definition of what a day off is ( even though u are required to have 7 per month).No one knows what a day off is here.
they told me that I had day off when My report was at 00:30!!!! There are no rules. Schedules always change
its about the worst contract I have had ( out of 11 companys I have worked for on contract). They treat foreigners just as bad as they
Treat each other. To summarize. You will hate it, and when You leave they will try and charge you money for every sick day or day off they said you owe them. Basic a fu..^*¥ed up company that gets worse every month. I am so happy not to work there any more.
thats just Me. You might enjoy the abuse. Good Luck!
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