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Originally Posted by markis10 View Post

Everyday EK406 arrives at 5.30AM and departs as EK407 around 2130, and needs to park for the duration.
Just as a matter of interest, does the crew literally hand the keys to an A380 over to the valet parkers, saying "you break it, you've bought it" as they saunter off towards the hotel. having already taken a note of the mileage?

Hopefully the valet parkers on the air-side of the fence are better than the last lot I used at a passenger terminal.

Joint Usage?

05:30 to 21:30 sounds like quite a long time. One could imagine an innovative arrangement between EK and, say, Air New Zealand; while EK don't want it in the day, NZ could hire it to do a quick run across the sea and back to Sydney. EK get a bit of revenue, NZ can lay on a big amount of capacity to Oz without having to actually buy a plane.
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