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SA Hour Building Query

Hi All,

Apologies if this belongs in the private forum however I'm hopeful my query will be better suited here

I've almost finished my PPL and have everything planned timeline wise, schools and so fourth for onwards commercial training in the future however I am now considering South Africa for the majority of my hours as an alternative to the USA, after 1) a few conversations with pilots at work who are from / flew there / trained there etc and also Australia unfortunately now being out of the question due to costs (as highlighted by the good people on this forum and further research). I had hoped to combine a trip to see my sister with flying but thatís not possible unfortunately. After a good few searches I have been unable to find any schools or local airfields that offer hour building or reasonable rental prices comparable to the US.

Please can anyone provide information on hour building in South Africa if possible and/or licence conversion if this is as straightforward as the FAA conversion.

Thanks in advance,
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