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"As has been said all along, probably the best bit of this whole contract is the flexibility of the days off and long may it continue because it is the only thing that is keeping some people here. AJX management realise this but there are a lot of envious people in ANA and they don't like the 'freedom' we seem to have, so there is continuous pressure for AJX to gain more control of the days off and they would like nothing better to have set blocks and/or allocate time off."

Not sure where you are getting that notion from, but the impression I have as of late is that with the movement at mainline and upgrades coming at less than 5,000 hours total time, the raise they got not too long ago and further announcement of another 16 billion on new spending on A/C's is that the mainline folks are not really paying too much attention into what's happening at AJX.
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