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Originally Posted by cryptoniqht View Post
Hi guys and gals,

I recently graduated uni with a Bachelors in Comp Sci and started the long application process for Pilot/ACO with my assessment day in a few weeks time. This thread has been incredibly helpful with providing material for preparation as well as insights into what the later stages of the process are like (ASP/OSB).

I originally wanted to apply for ACO as sitting behind a screen has always been my thing and I didn't think I had the competitive edge to make it through the pilot process. However I have since changed my mind and am now applying for both positions.

I was curious about those that have applied with a university degree, how much weight did this carry throughout the process? I am wondering as my grades in uni weren't exactly stellar (Credit Average) and my maths is a bit lacking as I only did General Maths in Year 12. I realise I am only still in the early stages of the process with my assessment day coming up but was curious if they went into much detail about your performance and extracurriculars at uni.

I applied with a Bachelor of Accounting with a credit average. The point that you were able to complete a university degree shows commitment and a sound level of ability to learn and apply. Iím not sure the weighting this holds across the entire process but I can imagine it would only be in your favour.

My advice is to make a correlation between your time at university and how those skills will be valuable in the role of Pilot or ACO. I would also do a little more research into the ACO role as there is far more than sitting behind a screen, such as opportunities in JTAC and the various mission planning areas. Good luck in your upcoming assessment session, if you prepare solid,logical and honest answers to their questions, you will breeze through.
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