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The future of electric cars is all-electric or 48volt mild-hybrid

Originally Posted by ChrisJ800 View Post
Im still really happy with my Outlander PHEV. I can go 30 - 35 miles just on electric which works for me most days. And charge from solar panels on my house roof so free electricity! But this article in the beeb is worrying. UK Gov is looking at outlawing Hybrids and PHEV's that cant go more than 50 miles per charge. Car industry on alert over reports some hybrids face a ban - BBC News
Utterly wrong-headed.
Recent auto trade journal article predicts electric will trend towards all-electric or mild-hybrids (48volts used for motor restart after all stops, turbo charger spin-up, power boost at full throttle, regenerative braking and maybe hub-motors in the non-drive wheels for some 4wd.) With the overly complicated PHEV's and range-extending motors in all-electrics becoming extinct.

edit: I wrote that before reading the BBC article. But this predicted and not-mandated electrical application trend (all electric or 48 volt mild-hybrid) is USA-centric, where I don't think the total ban on fuel propulsion is in the works...though environmental considerations now seem to be a political football that can switch direction wildly every 4 years. (National monument now...fracked, mined, grazed and developed tomorrow.) In a way applicable though, if correct in that the market will naturally abandon the PHEV's. (I don't think the mild-hybrids would normally plug in.)
48 volts is the highest DC level considered sub-lethal? ( 24 and 5 volt ceilings apply in some industrial controls, I believe.) At one time our cars were 6-volt, some commercial vehicles are now 24, and all fuel powered may just go to 48--a nice voltage now for assist systems on bicycles.

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