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Originally Posted by G-CPTN View Post
Porsche to get its own electric network.

How many different systems will there be?

Remember what happened to 'phone chargers . . .
The disparity between all the competing charging networks is barking mad. I just never, ever bother to use any of them, as you have to pay an annual fee for each different system, and the cost of just joining several systems in order to get an access card would be more than any saving I'd make by running on electric power. Instead I've decided that a pure EV is just impractical for me for the foreseeable future, and I'll stick with a plug-in hybrid that I can charge at home, and in most places where we are likely to go on holiday (we're away for a few days later this month and the hotel has three free charge points, that can be used by any type of EV of PHEV). What's needed is the sort of standardisation we have at filling stations, where every unleaded pump fits every car that uses unleaded fuel, every diesel pump fits every car that uses diesel fuel, etc, rather than the plethora of different systems, most of which require an annual fee for an access card, plus a fixed fee to connect to the charger, plus, in some cases, a fee per kWh. Many charge a 1.20 connection charge, irrespective of how much electricity you actually use, or how long you stay connected, which means that it's pointless to use them for a quick boost charge - if you're driving a PHEV you're better off burning petrol.
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