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Ovation..its never too late. Yes GA is in serious decline...BUT good people are getting stuck in there to turn all that around.
Wont be easy ...CAsA is a bastard bureaucracy, a tower of power and spin and BS to maintain their status quo, as masters of the trough.
The 'Iron Ring' is completely rusted in and will be difficult to remove...but it can be done. It must be done.

The CAsA Soviet must be pulled apart, dragged back into a Department with an Aviation Minister who will have the power to direct CAsA...and not be mesmerised by the spin and BS that CAsA shovel up to protect themselves, and justify their existence.

Our problem now..and always has been that CAsA has "safetied", ad nauseam, aviation into an imminent CFIT

Dick, Marc, Ben and other toilers are fair dinkum in preventing that final fatal impact.

Think positive, join AOPA and get behind the push to save GA with FARs , modernizing the Act, stop making us all criminals, and get CAsA out of the "Investigation" business while they're at it.

Regulator (sic...very sick), corrupt judge, biased jury and executioner has got to be terminated in the above process.

Is there a brave new av world in the offing.?.I like to think so.
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