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The problems at PNG run right to the top. It’s all about corruption and backhands. Maybe a bit of “advance tipping” makes things move. But this is different, it permeates all aspects of the society with those at the top blatantly getting “fat and Shiney” as they stand in line for the kickbacks and royalties that miraculously grease their palms from overseas corporations who are obviously turning a small profit in such a “rich country “. Those at the bottom all see it and know they are getting shafted, but many won’t dare to question the “big boss man”.
Corruption Utopia for everyone.
You could either see it that you are helping an underdeveloped nation’s aviation (which in some respects you are) or you are just there to gather some experience, earn a few bucks and get out. Either way, it wont make any difference to PNG as they will continue to rob their own country dry . Fatter and Shinier...
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