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Originally Posted by Piston_Broke View Post
I don't think pushing McCormack to change words in the Civil Aviation Act will do a damn thing for the industry.

Even if he did change the words, what would you do then? What do you think would happen?

It won't change CASA's culture. It won't speed regulatory simplification or reform. It won't foster expansion and investment in the various elements of the industry, and clearly the latter wasn't helped by "get out of aviation before you lose all your money" antics.

To reinvigorate the industry and encourage grants, investment, scholarships, people through the door etc. AOPA and the other associations need to get together and brainstorm a set of tangible proposals and reforms they can push to "someone" - a Senator or McCormack - to support.

My two cents -
Totally agree. Forget the Act, instead come up with a set of simple and concise proposals.

I doubt that a nebulous "adopt FAA rules" would get up though.
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