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I thought that the plan was to push Government into doing something? The loss of one seat wont change that unless there is very close to a "hung" Lower House. The loss of a single seat, even if it is a minister's seat is not a big deal. I agree that the locals will be more interested in medical, taxes etc and so even a number of angry aviation influenced voters have little chance to influence the outcome in a rural electorate. This is reflected by the Minister's initial statements on safety which as we all know is the usual cop out. Also given that Labor is looking better by the week, losing a country Coalition seat is no big deal to them.

However targeting a Senate position in an era when the Senate and individual Senators are weekly, influencing the direction of Government is the way to go. Its not as "warm and fuzzy" as a Lower House seat because there is no obvious named target but as Roddy Muir and a string of others proved it gives a hell of a lot of influence. Just ask the heads of the big 4 banks if they think that the Senate and the independent Senators have power or not?

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