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Just remember: If all you manage to do is oust the incumbent in favour of someone from a different major party, you’re only perpetuating the underlying cause of the problem. The underlying cause of the problem is the cosy Labor/Coalition duopoly, and an indolent bureaucracy that has evolved to feed off supporting the cosy duopoly.

Both ‘sides’ have allowed the expensive hoax that is the regulatory ‘reform’ program drag on for decades, leaving a trail of ever-increasing complexity, cost and industry devastation in its wake. Is either of them going to undo airport privatisation or enforce airport leases properly? Any substantial differences on immigration and 457 visas?

If Dick told the populace that he’d lost faith in the major parties’ competence to run the country in the national interest, there might be a glimmer of a chance of getting actual change. You don’t need to come up with your own candidates if you’re running an “anyone but them” campaign.

If the concern is that more non-major party aligned parliamentarians will lead to instability, remind yourself of who turned over 5 prime ministers in around 5 years.
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