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Originally Posted by Zapp_Brannigan View Post
AT, as always, is blaming the AoA for the TB and the slowing down of upgrades.

PC needs to keep the SOs from resigning and therefore is trying to convince them that the TB has little effect and that they will be upgraded soon.

What they are both trying to achieve though, is to get the SOs to vote YES next time.

There's no money in the pot but:
  • Reinstating RPs costs nothing more than before.
  • Not reducing ARAPA costs nothing more than before (and everytime a B scale is replaced by a C scale, they're saving money)
  • Allowing fleet transfers might seem to cost money but it increases motivation in the long run, probably decreases sickness rate, so I call it cost neutral.
  • An HKPA raise costs money but keeping the training costs down by not having 1 pilot resigning each day will surely make up for it.
  • Getting rid of the Training Ban and contract compliance will save them big money. (What was the idle time of one 747 last year because there were no crew available? Wasn't it something like 80 days?) That money could well be used for a raise.
Too logical for them, I guess?
actually I read it as if he was saying that but for the TB their careers would accelerate much more quickly?
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