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Well, that seems to have set the 'cat' among the pigeons. Two weeks and nary a comment. Popped my own electric bubble too, that did. All this pressure to scrap the fossil and update has blown away in the wind. (Not that I wouldn't give my left for a Tesla, even second-hand.)

The car arrived and I have been secretly taking it for a spin whenever the wife is out. The engine really needs a turbo or supercharger, but good comfortable cruising and firm cornering make up for that a little. No back camera but I am getting used to interpreting old-fashioned bleeps, and the 'paddle gears' on the steering wheel are simply the stereo volume control and cruise control settings.

Drove into the Jaguar/LandRover dealership today and asked for a new back roof antenna as the old one was floppy at the joint. Nothing else wrong with this car... (?) They discovered under the rubber concertina cover that it had a loose nut at the ratchet point. "Fixed that, sir. No charge." They bowed as I swanned away happily.
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