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I'm surprised at the fuss here. The rule has been there as long as I can remember. Infrequent fliers have asked me about fruit they got on board and saved and I told them its best to leave it, that if they catch it there is a nasty penalty, and it doesn't matter that you got the food on the plane. I forgot to warm some relatives I was escorting on a trip - they had bought some doggie treats in Paris. I'm through customs waiting for the group and one of them, a 14 year old, came through crying saying her mommy was taken off by the police. Searched, found the doggie treats, confiscated and given a warning. From my experience this happens so frequently I'm surprised at the storm it has created although I admit everyone I know who has been stopped has gotten by with confiscation and a warning. Unless information has recently changed, it specifically states foodstuffs so clothing would of course be exempt. Hundreds of international flights and I admit that getting into the USA is the toughest I have experienced outside of Russia and Australia (I've never enjoyed being sprayed down with insecticide).
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