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Yes some harsh replies here. Whilst the bottom line is that it was her responsibility to know the rules, not all pax are as seasoned as others, and theres some lack of care to be handing out banned items to customers.

I'm thinking of the man who was arrested in Dubai because he had poppy seeds on his clothing from a bagle.

I was once in the queue at LAX customs off a BA flight. There was an elderly English couple in front of me, possibly on their first visit to the US from the sounds of it. As it turns out they had packed their own lunchboxes for the flight, and on arriving at customs the guy quite politely told them that they could not bring fruit in, that they would have to throw it away or eat it. (No fine, sensible solution) So they did. The amusing part was that as i passed them they were also frantically eating their cheese sandwiches, their crisps and chocolate bars, I didnt have the heart to tell them...
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