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No aviator or engineer (as will be obvious...), but the discussions on the trajectory of the errant blade & the differences between static testing & real world blade loss are quite interesting.

On a static test stand the engine will be consuming air that has a density of 1.22 Kg/M3, at FL320 its about 0.41 Kg/M3 - assuming that the engine consumes the same volume at the intake regardless of altitude, does density not play a part in the forces acting upon the fan & if it does would this not make a forward blade trajectory more likely at altitude as there is less mass of air forcing the blade rearwards?

If there is any truth in that, the fact that the static engine is operating in still air & the flying engine operating in a 400kn+ airflow must also play a part - possibly to the extent that it completely cancels the above idea & then some.

Please excuse if this is utter nonsense
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