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F5 with LED's at EXT was an understandable choice. When the Qantas A380 blew one, I also believe they did some handling checks. I presume that included some flap selections, but I can't remember all the ACI program details.
I wonder if a F5 election at 10,000 would be a good idea to confirm, before finals, that it was not going to cause control problems.
I'll be interested to hear how soon after the engine fire indication, i.e. the first 'attention- getting startle item', that the depressurisation warning pinged. The engine shutdown = immediate descent from FL32.5 anyway and the memory items being taken care of as the descent is being set up: then ping goes the pressurisation. Wow, that is a can of worms that not even the nastiest TRE would dream up in an RST sim. I'm glad there was more than a few years experience up front to deal with this. It would have been a real team effort as they bounced around checklists from Recall and had to include ATC.
I would have expected the broken window to create an explosive decompression, but it is a small opening. That will also be interesting hear about. Thus was it a MMo descent or same speed? I wonder how suction changes with IAS.
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