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More to meet the eye here..

Considering the gravity of this situation , 2 serious failures and memory actions accordingly plus a flap non normal checklist - landing with flap 5.

Theres no doubt about it , they managed the situation quiet well looking at the outset.

The ATC commucation was a little amateur in places . Perhaps a bit more force - personally i would of starting with a MAYDAY . Get the point across .

Did ATC speak a little too much - Much Slang?

The non normal checklist calls for a descent to 10000 during a rapid descent - why would they accept 11000 as per audio .

The rate of descent from 10K to circuit alt - how high ROD .

I also saw a bank angle of close to 45 recorded. This would imply the aircraft was close to an upset condition or very close to approaching one

Lastly . Regarding the earlier career of the captain flying for the US navy , should this imply that a non navy trained airline pilot is unable to carry out the above manoeuvres in a safe fashion - The media unfortunately appear to snowball this and quite often refer to this accident as a single pilot ops .

Significant investigative effort should also be placed on examining the
procedures and why the airline has had a similar occurrence 2 years back .

Out .
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