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Originally Posted by freshgasflow View Post
An earlier post mentioned that while engines are designed to contain blade separation, engines are not designed to contain disc failure. As a SLF i would be grateful if someone will explain what are discs in an engine. A link to a diagram would be great. I googled it and could not find a diagram showing engine discs. I know this must be a very basic question for those in the know, but it would help us , SLF , to follow things. Thank you.
Also SLF - flew more in Helicopters than airliners, and experience working with aero engines driving compressors and power turbines. Couple of links below that may help you.


The blades in the video are much smaller than the ones used on the large fan which failed on this flight. (scroll down to major components in wikipedia page to see this)

Echo other thoughts - incident handled extremely well by crew and PAX who went to assist. Thoughts with the family of the deceased lady. Terrible time for them.
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