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Originally Posted by Gegenbeispiel View Post
tdracer: >"I've seen no evidence that the fan blade was uncontained"

The NTSB has stated that fan blade 13 is missing. That's not simply missing from the hub, it's gone and they cannot find it. To me, that's uncontained.

Did you mean "no evidence of high kinetic energy blade departure"?
During the NTSB briefing that I watched a little while ago, the Chairman stated that they had the lower 1/3 of the blade. After the blade was liberated it fractured again and the outer 2/3 rds is missing.

"Fan blade separated in 2 places.
5 p.m.: There was a fatigue fracture where the #13 fan blade would have gone into the engine. That was the initiating event that caused a secondary failure of the jet engine."

News media is concentrating on the fact the plane landed at higher than normal speeds and the entire briefing isn't on youtube yet.
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