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After today's announcement Poxie published the following memo:

Message to All Pilots April 2018

In recognition of the increased productivity and the demanding nature of flying operations in PNG on the Fokker aircraft, the company has decided to review the terms and conditions of Fokker pilots, and to reward them with the same remuneration as those on the B737.

For those coming off a Fokker Salary onto the B737 salary the new signing will superseded the previous Fokker Base Salary PLUS the additional K15,000 per annum over two years, as awarded in the 2017 Variation Clause.

For the Fokker Pilots signing onto the new B737 Salary Scale there will be a three (3) year freeze on the Fokker type after signing. Accordingly promotional opportunity within this time frame through the Bidding process will NOT apply unless approved by the Review Board Committee and/or Management for any movement onto the B737.

The salary adjustments will be on a point-to-point basis, and to the A scale. This change will introduce a single pay scale for all pilots on Air Niugini B737 and Fokker aircraft. The new pay scale will be known as the “Narrow Body Jet Pay Scale” and be identical to the current B737 A Scale.

There are no changes to B767 crew currently on the A scale. This will be know as the “Wide Body Jet Pay Scale”.

In line with the above-mentioned adjustments, the B scale will be removed from all remuneration packages. Therefore, B767 and B737 First Offices and Dash 8 Captains, currently on the B scale, will move to the corresponding A scale.
All the above changes will take effect upon signing of a new Execution Clause.

Also, to assist in the management of fatigue, the rostering practices for Fokker crews who are domiciled in Cairns will be amended. Crews may be rostered to commence duty following “days off” by operating PX093, and to complete a series of work days ending with a duty flight operating PX090. In the event that a crew member is not available for PX093 the corresponding pilot, who has operated PX090 will be required to operate PX093 and then position to Cairns at a later time, i.e. the currently practice.

I trust the above-mentioned adjustments will be mutually satisfying and rewarding. Your Fleet Manager can provide additional information if required.

Thank you all for your continued assistance and support

Christopher Mileng
Acting General Manager Flight Operations
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