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Originally Posted by Just This Once... View Post
" an E-2C pilot, the IP had no exposure to low altitude flying in previous tours, and very limited exposure in this tour.
What he flew in the fleet is a red herring.
As I noted to ORAC: the majority of the IPs in the USN who teach ab initio training, T-6 and the T-34 before that, were fleet or FMF helicopter pilots. Been true for about 25-30 years. According to you, it would appear that they should not be instructing fixed wing students.
Sorry, JTO, that's not reality.
The syllabus used to train him and the oversight it proscribed did not properly prepare him to instruct in the low altitude environment."
Apparently so. What he flew in the fleet hardly matters (actually doesn't matter) if that piece isn't working properly. If the Wing or CNATRA bugger up that piece, as a system, any IP

PS: to correct yet another error in that post of yours ... the oversight is not proscribed in the syllabus, though standards are.
Oversight is a command function, and it is laid out in the body of regulations, SOPs, Orders, and more that Training Wings operate under, to include the Standards instructions and regulations.
And OPNAVISNT 3710.7
And the T-45 NATOPS manual.
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