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Originally Posted by boswell bear View Post
Back in the present for a minute gentlemen....ladies...what we are left with is what we are left with, the past is the past and much as I agree an enquiry is in order to seek why tax payers money has been wasted and a generation of cadets has missed out I believe we should move on and plan for the future of the organisation.
I for one am giving it my best shot to inspire the current generation of cadets. I regained my B1 a couple of weeks ago and flew two cadets on their blue wing flights which they both thoroughly enjoyed and both are now more determined to fly for a living.
Last weekend I instructed a staff cadet on their GS course and again that bond with aviation is sealed for life.
The coming 12 months is probably the swansong for Vigilant and I'm proud to be part of it and proud to serve on a squadron that has worked hard to recover from the "pause".

Fingers crossed "the management" have a plan for the future!
I'm of the same opinion, the issues that led to the current situation are unacceptable. Poor management of the fleet, a lack of accountability and disregard for airworthiness are things that in the fullness of time will either be addressed or simply swept away and forgotten. Unfortunately I suspect it will be the latter.

Regardless, I personally benefited immensely from the ATC as a cadet in my yoof and still remember the 'jump jump John' training video for the Chippy. Then I was fortunate to have been able to be parts of 624 VGS during my last tour in the RAF up to 2008. They were every bit as dedicated to what they were doing as any Sqn in the RAF, not a bad effort considering much was actually done by the cadets themselves. A great team, many of who I am still in contact with and one particular individual who always managed to arrange the most incredible Top Table guest speakers and events. These included Geoffrey Wellum and Eric "Winkle" Brown among others and I feel privileged to have met and spoken to both. He also somehow managed to wangle our very own personal display by the Rolls Royce Mk PR XIX Spitfire. An amazing display and some fantastic pictures were had that day. To top it all off, some great flying to boot for both the cadets and staff many of which have gone on to successful careers in the military or civil aviation.

Its the benefits the Cadets offer to those who are involved, that is what needs to be protected and to fail to do that is a sad reflection on those with the power and control.
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