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Hi there,

did my entire training at Hillsboro (PPL/IR/CPL and Instructor) can't really say anything negative about the school. However, it's a few years ago since I finished my training, so I can't really give you a picture about the current situation.

It's a big international flight school, students coming form all parts of the world, but the majority from Asia. Also a few from Europe. They provide housing. All stores and Starbucks within walking distance. The fleet is quite big (mainly older airplanes) and they have their own maintenance. Different kind of airspaces and approaches nearby, which provides a good training environment (in my opinion). However, the practice area can be quite crowded at times. Scheduling (of airplanes) has always been and apparently still is an issue, from what I have recently read elsewhere on the internet.

They also appear to be understaffed regarding their instructors and stage-check instructors. I have read reports from recent students, that their training was delayed because of lack of instructors. Another thing which must be considered is the weather in the Pacific North-West, which can lead to delays as well. Particularly during the winter month (Nov. to Feb/March). Weather starts to get stable in May until Sep/Oct.

Keep in mind there is no such thing like "the perfect flight school" Every school has it's pros and cons. As I already mentioned before, can't really say anything negative about Hillsboro. However it's been a couple of years since I finished my training. Hope I could help and good luck to you!

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