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Jonkster, basically 91.560 is limiting the size of the Aircraft that can be used for Simulating an Engine Failure in Flight:

(1) The pilot in command of an aircraft for a flight contravenes this subregulation if,
during the flight:
(a) an engine failure is simulated; and
(b) the requirement mentioned in subregulation (2) is not met

So this part says if during the flight you do a simulated engine failure you've broken the sub reg but only if you do not meet (2) which is specifying

(2) The requirement is that one of the following must apply to the aircraft:
(a) the aircraft must be type-certificated to carry not more than 9 passengers,
or must have a maximum take-off weight of not more than 8,618 kg;

It's pretty badly worded I think, should state that an Simulated Engine Failure may only be conducted in an Aircraft that meets "X Requirements" but instead they've gone an ass backwards and terribly difficult to understand way of saying "You cannot do this unless you are NOT flying this".

The Aircraft types that would meet Sub Reg 2 Requires and therefore make it illegal to do are anything Certified to carry 9 or more pax or MTOW greater than 8,618kg, BUT then according to (b) you can do it in one of those aircraft types IF there is no Flight Simulator for it in Australia or if you have an approval from CASA then further requirements for others above 19 pax seats.

It then goes on to say in (d) that if you also can do an inflight Simulated Engine Failure if it is a test flight for a provisionally certificated aircraft, if you have a special flight permit to do it or if you have an experimental certificate that allows the aircraft to simulate a failure of an engine.
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