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Originally Posted by BEagle View Post
glad rag, any 'evidence' must be beyond any doubt whatsoever. That Novichok was used in Salisbury might have been confirmed by Porton Down specialists, but where is the smoking gun of state involvement?

Quite plausible that 'someone' obtained the substance without the knowledge of the Russian state, but why on earth Russia hasn't been allowed to become involved in the investigation? I listen to the bluster from that bag of wind who is allegedly our Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs with despair and haven't trusted a single utterance from him ever since his flawed propaganda at the time of the 2016 plebiscite.

If someone uses something as a weapon, you need 100% proof before considering action. That's the same whether the weapon is stolen nerve agent, a barrel of bleach or whatever.

If Mother MayDay denies MPs a vote after having presented whatever evidence she claims to have, she must face a vote of no confidence.

Prove that the nerve agent was stolen then.
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