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Originally Posted by Fairdealfrank View Post
No one will lose their seat on the issue of airport expansion, except Zac of course...

Zac is the exception because he created an unneccessary byelection specifically on the issue of airport expansion and nothing else - and lost.
1 - I'm pretty sure the Lib Dem candidate who won also campaigned against LHR expansion, so the issue of LHR expansion was off the table.

2 - labour and the greens either did not put forward a candidate or ran very low key campaigns. The reason for this was to avoid splitting the "anti-Tory" vote.

3 - the main issue in the campaign (as I recall it) was Goldsmith's allegedly islamaphobic campaign to be mayor of London which he ran against Sadiq Khan.

4 - although Goldsmith lost the by-election, he got his seat back a few months later in the general election.
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